Plumbing Materials

  • COPPER MATERIALS : Copper Pipe, Insulated Copper Pipe, Copper Socket (Conex, Lamontite), Copper Elbow (Conex, Lamontite), Copper Tee (Conex, Lamontite), All types of End Cap, Copper Gate Valves (Pegler, Lamontite), Copper Ball Valves, Float Valves, Foot Valves, Non-Return Valves (Check Valves), Garden Tapes etc.

  • WATER HEATERS & TANKS : Water Heaters (Aquahot, Thermex, Hotex, Atlantic), Water Heater Covers, Water Tank (Fiber and Plastic), A/C Tray.

  • UPVC MATERIALS : UPVC Pipes, Duct Pipes, Black Polythene Hoses, PVC Socket, PVC Tee, Pvc Elbows, Pvc Reducer Bush, Gully Trap etc.

  • HIGH PRESSURE PVC MATERIALS : H/P Pipes, H/P Socket, H/P Tee, H/P Elbow, H/P Ball Valves, H/P End Cap (Plain, Male & Female) etc.

  • KITCHEN MATERIALS : Kitchen Sink (Single & Double Side Wing), Kitchen Sink Mixer (Single & Double hole), Waste Couplings, Bottle Trap etc.